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Image by Brian McGowan

Tools for Exploring E.B.O.N.Y.

Tools: List

Source Code Comparer


A reliable tool. For all those times that you need to compare the source code of one page to another.

Anagram Solver


An explorer's best friend. Sort through a pile of letters and discover words that make sense.

GIF Splitter


A rare gem. Explore deep enough into EBONY and you may find the need to split a GIF into individual frames.

Deity Index


A divine instrument. As pagan influences run amok in EBONY, a list of Gods/Goddesses may have its uses.

Image Divider


An oddity. Sometimes an image must be cut into pieces and rearranged to be truly understood.

Cipher Decoder


A trusty device. When the anagram solver fails, perhaps it is because the letters need to be decoded first.

Hex Color Index


An exploring artist's palette. Search for hex codes and find the right color, and all its brilliant shades.

Image Color Picker


An ancient eyedropper. Find the exact colour code for any part of any image.

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